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Wholesale Terms & Conditions

  • 4% of order total will be added for shipping.


  • Credit Cards are pre authorized up to 7 days prior to shipment.
  • We do not offer Net terms

Order minimums:

  • Minimum order for Brick & Mortar- $750 and 4 per style each season
  • Minimum order for online- $2000 and 4 per style each season. Established website required for online accounts unless otherwise agreed upon by Trotter Street Kids

Accounts must be able to provide a state resale tax certificate.

Returns & Order Cancellations:

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will accept returns within 7 days of receipt of goods. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee and must be sent at the purchaser’s expense.
  • Cancellations- Orders can be edited or canceled within 7 days of placing order. Any orders cancelled after the 7 day window will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellation requests need to be emailed to

Shortages & Defective Items:


  • Customers must adhere to MAP pricing as set by Trotter Street Kids.
  • MAP Price is to be no less than double that of the wholesale price.
  • Short term sales and promotions are allowed
  • Violations will result in termination of wholesale privileges

Selling of items:

  • Preorder sales and selling in Facebook BST groups are not allowed.
  • Trotter Street Kids does not allow sale of products through third-party sellers (ex.,,,, etc.) unless otherwise agreed upon by Trotter Street Kids.


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